I live in Yellowstone!

I woke up this morning and saw these two out my bedroom window. Their breath was visible in the cold air as they faced each other. They never really fully charged, more they just got closer and closer like a dumb jr. high chest bumping fight until they finally started clashing.

I accidentally zoomed as I took a pic and ended up with this.

Bucks Fighting

*I don’t actually live in Yellowstone

Happy Halloween!


Sorry, your soul has now been consumed.

(All I did was tell her to yell and the iPhone managed to make this the scariest photo ever. Happy Halloween!)

Map Attack

My second grader draws all over his homework. Draws isn’t the right term, he illustrates his homework maybe. I am going to have to start a blog of purely his homework drawings.

Until then, here are a couple:



I Love You Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!


Ugh, It’s Adrienne Day and I am on a business trip. I woke up early with the intention of making breakfast before I left for the airport, but I realized 2 things:

  1. Adrienne was not going to think it was a treat to be woken up to eat breakfast at 6am.
  2. If I tried to make breakfast I was going to miss my flight.

I have to be honest, this Adrienne day snuck up on me. Things have been a little bit absolutely insane lately and I didn’t plan for this like I should have. She should have woken up to breakfast in bed and had flowers delivered, and found a present waiting for her that I had bought weeks ago. None of that happened. Instead I got on a plane. I got on the same plane twice actually because they found a “suspicious object” and had to take us all off, do a full security sweep of the plane, and then re-board us. My bet is they found a spork on the floor and TSA swooped in to handle the situation. So I got on a plane on Adrienne day, flew a couple states away and worked all day. In fact, I am still sitting at my desk.

Adrienne, I am sure, woke up and made breakfast for the kids. Made lunch for Reese, helped him get ready for his early morning Spanish class, and dropped him off. I bet she came home and read with the girls a bit, did some chores around the house, made them lunch, got them ready for and took them to gymnastics. She probably ran some errands, did some more things around the house, made dinner for kids and is getting them ready for bed soon. A pretty normal boring day.

I wish I had made the day special for her. We will have a raincheck and I promise I’ll make it up to her.

Now, all that said, I really like our not too exciting days. Last night I was walking towards the dining room for dinner and there was this perfect image, framed through the doorway, lit warmly from above. My wonderful wife and 3 kids sitting around the table set with gold flatware, talking and smiling, and I felt as happy as I have felt about anything. I couldn’t be more in love with Adrienne and more happy that I get to spend my days with her, boring or not.

Also, she is hot.

Take a second and wish Adrienne a Happy Adrienne Day!

See Past Adrienne Days

Glow, Little Glow Reese

Reese accidentally cracked open a little glow stick he was playing with today. He asked if he could pour the liquid out into a jar. The glow stick was labeled “Non-Toxic” so we thought that seemed like a fun idea. He got a pair of scissors out and was cutting up the glow stick so he could more easily get the liquid out when we heard him yell, “Oh no!”

When he cut the little stick the top went flying. He happened to be standing at the sink in the master bedroom. You could just barely see a couple of liquid dots on the carpet glowing faintly. That is until I turned out the lights and we saw this:

DSC_1384.jpg Awesome!

I don’t think we have to clean it up because you can’t really see it with the light on and that stuff will probably stop glowing in a day or two right?

Then Reese pointed out that he thought he might have gotten it on his face as well. If you look closely you can see, sure enough, he did.


We turned off the light again. Somehow we were so amazed by the carpet that we had missed this!

DSC_1372.jpg Awesome! I hope it is permanent!

The moral of the story is that if you let your kids play with strange chemicals fun things will happen.


Getting through the checkout line was a lot easier once we told all these crazy kids they had to go sit against the wall photo.jpg