Million Dollar Idea – Baby Background Checks

Think about it. We have a baby coming any day now and we are going to bring him home from the hospital and let him live in our home from now on without knowing anything about him at all! Who is this guy? He could be a total jerk and we are just going to let him move in with us?

This is a huge market. Thousands of stranger babies are born every day. Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing a little more about that little mystery man’s background?

Million Dollar Idea – Penrod’s Subliminal Powerpoint

PowerPoint, for good or bad, is pretty much the default communication method in the business world. Make your presentations stand out. Or rather, make your real message stand out while your presentation looks like everyone else’s. Penrod’s Subliminal PowerPoint Slides will flash on the screen (for a fraction of a second) at key points in your presentations.

The initial line-up will include slides like these:

Alpha Male


Big Money


Let us know your subliminal needs and we would be glad to develop custom slides for you.

Million Dollar Idea – Iran Wrap

Having troubles with Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

Sounds like what you need is Penrod Brand IranWrap!

Sold in 500 mile-wide rolls, Penrod Brand IranWrap is the finest quality rogue-state plastic wrap available. Protect your country the fresh way!

*Serving suggestion

(OK, so I actually dreamed about this this morning. I woke up this morning laughing my head off because I was dreaming that I had just sold the US government on my idea of IranWrap. IranWrap?! No, I have no idea where that came from. I am not affiliated with the fine folks of Saran Wrap, but I may be retarded.)

Million Dollar Idea – Student Loan 401k

I am not going to bother contributing to my 401k anymore.

I have a new plan. It is very simple, when I hit retirement age I am just going to go back to school. I will take out several hundred thousand dollars in student loans and live like a king until I die. Saving for retirement is for suckers.

With keen fiscal insights like this, I may have to get out of the web business and get into financial planning. If you would like me to manage your money for you, just send it all to me. I will begin managing it just as soon as it arrives.

Million Dollar Idea – Bug Colosseum

Bug Colosseum

I want to sell a little plastic Colosseum and supply bugs to fight in it. Imagine the fights you could have!

OK, I can actually only imagine making a Praying Mantis fight other bugs, but I am sure people could come up with some good match ups.

Bonus Idea: Online Bug Stress Relief

Web cam + Bugs + Remote controlled fire crackers = BIG $