Million Dollar Idea – Student Loan 401k

I am not going to bother contributing to my 401k anymore.

I have a new plan. It is very simple, when I hit retirement age I am just going to go back to school. I will take out several hundred thousand dollars in student loans and live like a king until I die. Saving for retirement is for suckers.

With keen fiscal insights like this, I may have to get out of the web business and get into financial planning. If you would like me to manage your money for you, just send it all to me. I will begin managing it just as soon as it arrives.

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9 thoughts on “Million Dollar Idea – Student Loan 401k”

  1. Reminds me of Steve Martin’s plan on how to make a million dollars and not pay taxes.

    First, you make a million dollars.

    Then, you don’t pay taxes.

  2. That is a great idea. The only recourse the lenders would have is to take your debt out of the value of your estate, but who cares you’d be dead. By the way, don’t tell your wife or kids about this idea, they might not see the benefits as clearly as you do. While you are at it, you should take out as much as you can in home equity loans and credit cards, then if you don’t die soon just get more loans and credit cards to pay those off. This is such a great plan you should start today. I will forward all off my credit card applications to you.

  3. You underestimate me Rob. I have already thought of that issue. My estate is of no value, and doesn’t look to gain value during my lifetime. Take that lenders!!!

  4. I like this idea so much, I’m not waiting for retirement. One doesn’t need to wait for death with the benefit of declaring bankruptcy. It’s simple; just don’t give an address, but a PO box and the rest is done onlines. I’m also not limiting myself to measly student loans, I’m going for credit cards, stockholdings, money off of the internet, real estate and Government agencies. Making money was never so easy–easier than reality TV.

    THis is becoming all the rage right now, and soon it will be passe so jump on while its still cool.

  5. James, I think you might be missing the whole “not serious” aspect of this. But, go ahead and send me all your money. I was serious about that part.

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