Million Dollar Idea – Penrod’s Subliminal Powerpoint

PowerPoint, for good or bad, is pretty much the default communication method in the business world. Make your presentations stand out. Or rather, make your real message stand out while your presentation looks like everyone else’s. Penrod’s Subliminal PowerPoint Slides will flash on the screen (for a fraction of a second) at key points in your presentations.

The initial line-up will include slides like these:

Alpha Male


Big Money


Let us know your subliminal needs and we would be glad to develop custom slides for you.

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4 thoughts on “Million Dollar Idea – Penrod’s Subliminal Powerpoint”

  1. I’m worried that there is a whole layer of subliminal messages trying to get us to buy his subliminal powerpoint slides. Where does it end?! May I suggest a “Questions are for fools” with an image of people pointing and laughing? I think that could help meetings go faster.

  2. After watching many students and professionals fumble through presentations (“how do you start this thing?”), I’m thinking that some of those slides might end up more liminal than sub-.

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