Dead Person Jello

“The taste is exactly the way I imagine fermented garbage custard or dead person jello would taste like. It was truly a horrifying experience, but I can now cross this off my bucket list.” jt58612 at 11:41AM on 10/22/10

via Seriously Asian: Durian | Serious Eats.

With an endorsement like that I’m really going to have to try Durian sometime, on Halloween I suppose.

Climbing to the top of a radio tower

Sorry, the video got pulled :(

The footage of the climb came from a friend of mine that does this type of work, I have know him for several years and he has helped me many times in the past. Recently he gave me this video he shot on one of his jobs. I showed him the edited video and he approved it and I put it up on TheOnLineEngineer.Org and You Tube over the weekend. On Monday he was getting calls from colleagues telling him that they were concerned about what the video showed. His world is a very small one, and you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you! Some facility owners are pretty uptight about liability and such and may not hire him if they think he does not take safety seriously.

I spent most of this movie clip wiping my hands on my pants and thinking, “Clip in, you @(#*&$! CLIP IN!!!”

Ways our kids try to get out of being in trouble

In my continuing attempts to turn this exclusively into a link and cute stuff my kid’s say so blog that no one will ever read again…

“Because, I’m just too little to know. I mean, just look at the size of my hands! (holding them up) Pretty tiny!”


“But I have liberty, this is America!”


It was a fairly chilly day, and that water was cold cold cold, but Reese just walked out into it and spent the next hour or so busily building dams and ponds. Completely lost in his play.

Joe the Bunny

My brother Joe and his wife Michelle are watching our kids while Adrienne and I are on a trip. He just IMed me with something our 5 year old, Anna, said apropos of nothing.

“Hey, I have an idea. When you lose a member of your family, you can just replace them with a pet. And the name would be no problem because you could just name them after the person you lost. I think I would want a fuzzy easter bunny. Hey, do you think reindeer talk?”

She is so going to kill him, buy a bunny, and name it Joe.

Letter Off Dead

My extremely talented friend Tom Llewellyn is writing a book in blog format,

In his own words:

“Letter Off Dead is an actual transcript of letters sent between a 7th grade boy and his dead father. It covers the subjects of life and death, faith and doubt, fathers and sons. The transcript has been edited and presented here by Tom Llewellyn.”

Make sure you start from the beginning. He does an amazing job of capturing what it felt like to be in 7th grade.

Creepy 101

I am cleaning out old boxes and found a notebook from college. In the section for Psych 378 my first day of class notes look like this:

Creepy 101

  • There is a thing called the Internet. Maybe you have heard of it?
  • Note to self: Bring trained chimp to class. Send chimp to class and stay home.
  • The kids are not going to be alright.
  • Note to self: find 8 men with wheelbarrows.

Yeah, I have no idea.