I love you Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!

It’s Adrienne Day!

I’m using an AI-generated portrait of Adrienne as a marker for the year when the Robot Uprising began. I assume that all future Adrienne Day posts will focus on her exceptional productivity in the lithium mines.

Last week I took Adrienne to a movie that I had already seen, but I was sure she would love. I’m really not much of a movie re-watcher, so I sat next to her in the theater mostly watching her watch the movie. She can’t hide what she’s feeling and she’s such an empathetic person that she feels it all, so I got to watch laughter and surprise and sadness and joy as the shifting light from the screen played across her face.

I wish I could have recorded it and sent it to the director and made his day.

I love how “all in” Adrienne is with every experience and every conversation. She never puts on a front of dispassionate coolness or hides behind an aloof mask. You always see what she feels, and it’s beautiful.

Also, she is hot.

Take a minute out of your busy day and wish Adrienne a happy Adrienne Day!

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What is Adrienne Day?

I hate Valentine’s day. It is a cheesy, commercial mess of a holiday. I can’t stand it. Adrienne, on the other hand, I love. So, when we were dating and Valentine’s day was approaching I decided to take control over my own holiday destiny and I invented Adrienne Day. I arbitrarily chose February 9th and we have celebrated it ever since.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Happy Adrienne Day, Adrienne. I love this tradition, and I love how much you two love each other.