I Love You Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!

It’s Adrienne Day!

No, we aren’t having another kid! This is just one of my very favorite pictures of us even though it is super grainy and not terribly flattering. I was thinking about all the things I love about Adrienne and this moment popped into my head. I feel like this picture is REALLY a picture of us. It captured who we are so well that I freaked out and destroyed my iPhone so it would release our souls. We were in the waiting room, waiting for what was almost certainly going to be an unwanted C-section to top off a pregnancy that had already been fraught. We were a little nervous and stressed, but we were together and we were laughing and we were ready to take on anything.

Sometimes I feel like we’ve had more than our fair share of practice with hard things in life, but the practice has paid off. When the going gets tough the Penrods will form Voltron and punch the Going right in the throat.

(If we were really Voltron we would have learned from the cartoon, and we would just immediately form the Blazing Sword and use it. It always took cartoon Voltron 45 min to figure out that they just needed to form the sword and the battle would be instantly over, just like happend the last 100 times)

This is pretty much exactly what we look like when dealing with tough situations, except Adrienne is hot.

Take a minute out of your busy day and wish Adrienne a happy Adrienne Day!

Previous Adrienne Days

What is Adrienne Day? I hate Valentine’s day. It is a cheesy, commercial mess of a holiday. I can’t stand it. Adrienne, on the other hand, I love. So, when we were dating and Valentine’s day was approaching I decided to take control over my own holiday destiny and I invented Adrienne Day. I arbitrarily chose February 9th and we have been celebrating it ever since.