I Love You Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!

It’s Adrienne Day! File Feb 09, 4 53 12 PM

I was looking back though my photos to find a good picture for Adrienne Day and ended up getting lost browsing through my instagram feed and smiling at all the adventures we had this past year. We had a couple big trips and lots of little hikes and family walks and sledding and tubing, and even just hanging out in the kitchen and cooking new things together.  Between my being a Scoutmaster and a few work trips there were also a several adventures that Adrienne didn’t get to join that would have been SO much better if she were there.

I love how Adrienne is always up for an adventure and that’s she’s such good company when we are on one. She’s fun and funny and smart and curious and everything is better with her around.

Also she is hot.

Take a minute out of your busy day and wish Adrienne a happy Adrienne Day!

Previous Adrienne Days

What is Adrienne Day? I hate Valentine’s day. It is a cheesy, commercial mess of a holiday. I can’t stand it. Adrienne, on the other hand, I love. So, when we were dating and Valentine’s day was approaching I decided to take control over my own holiday destiny and I invented Adrienne Day. I arbitrarily chose February 9th and we have celebrated it ever since.