A New Black Hole

“It feels like my bed is the center of a new black hole.” Mumbled almost unintelligably by Reese, whose eyes refused to open this morning when it was time for school. I hear you buddy, I hear you.31 minutes ago

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What did you THINK we would be talking about?

Walked past the kids’ room just now and heard the eight-year-old and five-year-old talking.

“Hey, what are you guys still doing up?! What on earth are you talking about?”

“Dad, Anna had never heard of Martin Luther King and I was just giving her a quick overview of who he was and his most famous speech.”

“Uh, OK, carry on…”


The battle continues.

Anna got upset because she got in trouble for arguing with Reese and wrote “This house stinks!” on her magna-doodle (Spelled like this, “THS HAOS STNKS!”). This infuriated Reese, “That is false! This is an awesome house!”

I stepped in and said, “Reese, just leave her alone. She can write whatever she wants.” Without missing a beat Reese yells, “That’s right! That’s what makes this such an awesome house. We have the freedom to write whatever we want to write Anna!”

Later we found this note Reese had left for Anna:


American Monkeys

  • Anna: “Reese, you aren’t playing nice. Your monkeys won't do what my Hello Kitties say!”
  • Reese: “That’s because my monkeys are from an American jungle. They have freedom.”
  • Anna: “I don’t want them to have freedom. I want them to do what I tell them to do!”