I love you Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!

It’s Adrienne Day!

Who would have thought that we basically wouldn’t have left the house since last Adrienne Day? Yes, it’s an exaggeration, but I wish it were a way more hyperbolic one. Because of some health issues, we’ve had to be very careful. We love to travel and explore, and that has all been seriously curtailed. It has sometimes felt like we are just living the same day over and over again.

We just watched the movie Groundhog Day. It’s fantastic. I have always believed that while you can’t necessarily choose everything that happens to you in life, you can choose how you respond to it, which can change your lived experience so much that it’s like choosing what happens to you – a lesson the main character painfully learns.

Groundhog Day is a masterpiece of existentialism, particularly in respect of the absurd element, with Connors claiming Sisyphus’s mantle of absurd hero. The film’s lesson is that we can escape from whatever dilemma we’re in by adopting the correct attitude. As Connors discovers, it’s a tough lesson; but to learn it is to gain the means to transcend the troubles of life.


Bill Murray’s character goes through a wild cycle of shock, delight at being somewhat omnipotent, and suicidal depression before he starts actually connecting with other people, particularly his love interest Rita. Those relationships not only make the endless cycle bearable but change him into a better man, finally freeing him.

Fortunately, I’m trapped in this Groundhog Day with Adrienne! She makes this bizarre time of life not only bearable but fun, and she definitely makes me a better man.

Also she is hot.

Take a minute out of your busy day and wish Adrienne a happy Adrienne Day!

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What is Adrienne Day?

I hate Valentine’s day. It is a cheesy, commercial mess of a holiday. I can’t stand it. Adrienne, on the other hand, I love. So, when we were dating and Valentine’s day was approaching I decided to take control over my own holiday destiny and I invented Adrienne Day. I arbitrarily chose February 9th and we have celebrated it ever since.