Flying Alarm Clock

Hate early mornings? Do you strategically place the alarm clock so you have to get up to switch it off? Or perhaps you don’t even do that and the snooze button has become your best friend? If this sounds like you and early mornings are a struggle then read on dear gadget lovers, because the latest novelty alarm clock hitting bedrooms is just the ticket!

Before you say it, yes we know that the novelty alarm clock market is cluttered, but trust us, this one is different very different. If you hadn’t already guessed from the name, the Flying Alarm Clock, well, flies. But that’s not the best bit set this digital alarm clock as normal then wait for the alarm to go off. Because ladies and gents, this is one wake up call you will not be able to miss.

At your preset time the propeller launches into the air with all the manic energy of a Tazmanian devil. The siren is inescapable, the landing could be anywhere in your room, and it wo’t shut the hell up until you get up, find, and then replace the propeller on the base of the alarm clock.

via Flying Alarm Clock.

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  1. This is a generic for the original product known as “Hungry 3 Year Old”, right? That one has been most effective in our household.

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