Family accidentally discover church under home

An inquisitive family have uncovered a bizarre church which has been hidden under their Victorian home in Shropshire for 100 years.

The Farla family made the discovery while investigating what was under a metre-long rectangle metal grid in their hallway.

The hole under the grid was just big enough for son Gareth, 20, to squeeze down and see what was under their living room.

And he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the dark chapel complete with a large wooden cross on the floor.

But that was nothing compared the the shock the rest of the family got when he followed a staircase in the chapel and came out of a cupboard in the dining room.

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3 thoughts on “Family accidentally discover church under home”

  1. :-O No way!!! That’s one way to add square footage! I wonder if their property taxes are going to be revised now.

  2. Awesome that they found it. AWESOMER that the stairs led to a cupboard. Right out of a Hardy Boys book…except the part about finding it because they were plastered.

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