I Love You Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!


Once again, I ask you to take time out of your busy schedules to wish Adrienne a happy Adrienne Day (Here is a brief history of Adrienne Day).

I could easily start another site called “Things That Are Wonderful About Adrienne” and keep it much better updated than this one. Until I get around to that, here are some Amishrobot entries about, or involving, Adrienne:

And, I think the funniest thing on the site was written by Adrienne, The Hammer Spinal Repair

Also, I am really glad the kids got her looks.

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8 thoughts on “I Love You Adrienne, Happy Adrienne Day!”

  1. Happy Adrienne Day! There are rainbows shooting out of your mouth in the picture. Can you only do that on Adrienne day?

  2. Happy Adrienne day. It reminds me of my favorite day–Lisa Day. That day is very similar to Adrienne day. Maybe a bit less firey, but a little more icy cool. (Insert “Fire and Ice” dance here). That’s okay though, I like chocolate, you like vanilla–we are all happy. Isn’t it cool that we both made “the perfect decision”?

    Message to Joe: I think that rainbow is a side affect from the shock game that Adrienne had just played, and of course lost!

  3. Happy Adrienne Day!

    This reminds me of my own near/on valentines day story. I don’t celebrate that day and anytime I’m in a new relationship and that day begins to approach I make it very clear that it is just another day to me. So, as I began my relationship with the woman formerly known as my wife I made it very clear to her that we would not be celebrating that made up holiday. That day rolls around and we decide to go for a ride. I swear that as we got on the motorcycles she looked back at me and gave me a coniving smile. She then proceeded to throw the bike in gear and head straight for a retaining wall. I picked her up off the ground about 25 feet past that wall and the day will forever be known as crashing day, complete with flowers and candy.

  4. can’t believe you didnt stop by makeout city on adrienne day….apparently the celebration is not yet over! i love adrienne day and i love adrienne.

  5. Josh, The lord BLESSED you with one heck of a woman. You say the children got her looks, but did they get your freakish height? Happy ADRIENNE DAY.

  6. Hi Adrinne. Hope you have another good day. Does that mean you get to eat at your favorite restaurant? If it does order one of those lettuce wrapped things and think of me. (Or would that be the unlimited Brazilian Beef? I’d settle for that too) Love. the Old Prof

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