16 thoughts on “The Patron Saint Of Back Pain”

  1. MOre like the patron saint of being strung out on heroine. What we don’t see in the picture is you tapping your arm with your fingers for the right spot to stick the syringe. You cleverly wear sweaters these days to cover up the track marks.

  2. This is a shot of said Patron Saint just after getting up from crying on the floor, no? I feel your pain. Really.

  3. If this helps–I just broke rib while coughing. That was painful. So, I still have reminanats of this cough, am in constant pain from the rib, and now my back is starting to stiffen up due to my inability to find a comfortable position while sleeping.

    Just thought I’d tell you–I’M WITH YOU BROTHER!

  4. You know that if Jory were anywhere in the vicinity, he’d canonize you and then make you do the Saint Mary pose… you know, head tilted, hands spread in generous manner.

    Can you even lift your hands that far? :D Okay, I’ll be nice.

    I really hope you’re okay!!

  5. Suck it up – be a man! It’s only pain if it hurts you! Seriously – have you tried chiropractors? Or do you accept the commonly held belief that they are less ‘legitimate’ than MD’s. I have tried to feel your pain – but once again I have proved my thoery that it is impossible for the well to empathize with the sick. Even they they themselves were similarly sick in the past. I have hurt my back before, but right now it is well so I can’t possibly understand your burden. I wish you the best though.

  6. Just a follow up to may ealier post…Last Friday I passed a kidney stone. As these things happen in ‘threes’, I was hoping we could combine your back trouble with my broken rib and kidney stone. That way no one else will need suffer.

    What say ye All Mighty Josh?

  7. Yes, please! Let no one else suffer!

    Man, sorry to hear about the rib and kidney stone. Things don’t get much worse than that.

  8. I think that this is a very happy photo. It makes me want to run in a lush green valley singing about the wonders of nature.

  9. From your expression, I would expect dogs to start barking whenever you pass, agitated by the high pitched screams coming from your poor pinched nerves. There has got to be a better solution than surgery though. Have you tried: Taking an Aleve? Sleeping in a hammack? Getting a full body massage? Heat packs? Cold Packs? Luke packs? (room temperture water bags pressed against your flesh) Putting magnets on your wrists? feet? Tongue? Maybe if you combine several psudeo-medical treatments they will trigger a placebo effect that finally will make you believe that the pain is subsiding. Herbal Accupuncture? Melakua Magnetic pressure point slippers? A vibrating chair from Brookstone? Purhaps laughter is the best medicine. Try reading a Dilbert book, in a massage chair, while you wear 15 different kinds of magnets.

  10. Josh, I feel for you, but I am the glass is half full kinda of guy. Back pain is bad, but at least you don’t have Necrotizing Fasciitis.


    Hope you feel better!

  11. I just think you are reminiscing about the good old days at Stover Hall…especially the wonderful, handsome, witty, all knowing, kind, generous, thoughtful, gracious, handsome (did I mention this already), well endowed, extremely muscular, roomate you had. You should send him some money!!!

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