Note To Fellow Passengers

I will be flying to the Washington DC area on what promises to be the eve of war with Iraq. Out of courtesy to my fellow passengers, this letter:

Dear Fellow Passengers,

We will be flying together at a time when the threat of terrorism will be high. We will also be flying to a high-risk destination.

Let’s try not to be rude to each other even though we will all be a little nervous.

Thank you
Josh Penrod

P.S. If any of you weasels so much as stand up to take a leak during the flight, I will tear your arms off and beat you with them.

5 responses for Note To Fellow Passengers

  1. Jory says:

    Oh Josh, I don’t like that one bit! Not one bit at all! Have A Safe flight!

    Now, I will fret.

  2. Gonzalo says:

    You would have thought that some tendencies fade away with adulthood, marriage, and especially parenthood. Nevertheless, the randomness, sudden violence, ironic nature, “unique humor” (euphemistically speaking)and general insanity of “El Penrod” seems to be perennial. I am glad these things have not changed since we served in Venezuela.

    The warmest of greetings Penrod family. Let’s keep in touch.


  3. joe says:

    Keep an eye on the stewardess as well. If she makes a sudden move with the peanuts (LIBERTY NUTS)…pow, to the jaw!

  4. rdhjsdrj says:

    you people have a hell of a twisted history, you sold ammo to both sides of the war until Japan bombed Peril Harbour. If you liked the Jews so much why didn’t you save them? and why did you not join the war until the end!!!

  5. josh says:

    Pearl Harbor.

    What a bizarre non sequitur of a comment.

    Are you in junior high? (or “grade 8”, your IP address says you are canadian). I just wonder because your comment about “If you liked the Jews so much” really sounds like, “If you like pizza so much why don’t you marry it!?”

    If you comment in the future use a real email address and try to stay somewhat on topic.