Condiment Conundrum

03-13-07 1249 This Burger King gets my award for the consistently worst customer experience on the planet. I am not exaggerating when I say that 80% of the time they mess up my order. Not minor mistakes like forgetting to put cheese on a cheeseburger or giving you the wrong kind of drink. I mean that 80% of the time they will forget to put an entire hamburger or two in the bag. I have started to wonder if this is a cost cutting measure, like how insurance companies just default reject your first claim knowing that a large percentage of people will never push it further.

Speaking of insane cost cutting measures, have you noticed how so many places won’t give you ketchup unless you ask for it? This is America! We ALWAYS want ketchup with our fries. For you Europeans, imagine them not giving you mayonnaise! Or picture an American with out a 10 liter cup of soda. I know, insanity!

The really dumb part is that as soon as the fast food worker has done his duty and default-denied you ketchup, they will cave into your request by reaching into the bin of ketchup packets and giving you as many as fit in their hand. As you can see from the picture here; I was helped by someone with an 11 packet hand. Yes, that is ELEVEN packets of ketchup for my SMALL order of fries. If Shaquille O’Neil worked at Burger King my car would have been buried and crushed by ketchup packets.

Luckily, he remembered my 10 liters of soda.

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  1. Neil says:

    I have always had issues with Burger King. Although here in NY they actually get most of the orders correct, there is always one component that is sub-standard. Fries too salty, hamburger cold, soda sans fizz, etc, etc…

    Here in the east, the f–ed up order award goes to Wendy’s. There’s one near my weekend home that ALWAYS gets my order wrong, and then has the nerve to tell me that I ordered it that way!

    Another fast-food pet peeve of mine is the ever-worsening language barrier at the establishments here. Why do they insist on putting people who cannot speak English on the drive-thru? At a Wendy’s one day I had ordered a baked potato, and did not receive a fork. On my way back past the same Wendy’s I decided it was hot and I wanted a Frosty. I pulled back through the drive-thru and ordered the Frosty and explained that I needed a fork for the potato that I had ordered before. She says “Frosty come with spoon, no fork!” I said, “No, the fork is for my potato you gave me before.” She says “You want potato?” I said “No, I want a frosty!” Again: “Frosty come with spoon!”

    The paramedics found me passed out in disgust in the bushes just past the “we don’t have your order ready” area… My still uneaten potato in pieces where I missed the open window.

    Can I Have My Fork Now?

  2. J Maxfield says:

    Neil: your Wendy’s may be bad, but the one I grew up eating at got closed several years back due to a stabbing. As in an employee got mad at a customer and stabbed him. Just chew on that before complaining about the service :)

  3. Jory says:

    Josh! Look at how yellow those fries are! They look like toys.

  4. Adam says:

    Burger King is brilliant, and probably saves $millions. You keep going back, right? Probably the star segment for their market test, “That Josh fella is back, and last time we even replaced his #3 combo meal for a dirty rag!” high-fives all around

    I used to hate it when our local McDonald’s charged $.50 extra if we used a debit card. Every week I would murmur, then hammer my Sausage McGriddle…

  5. Susan M says:

    What gets me is when you ask for a cup for water and they give you something a toddler would use to rinse their mouth out after brushing their teeth.

    I literally once had someone hand me a teeny tiny little paper cup about an inch and a half tall.

    I realized later I should’ve just asked for 30 more.

  6. Neil says:

    Food Rage?

  7. dendan says:

    The irony that no one has yet made notice of is that your google maps pin pointing of the offending burger king shows that you searched for burger “kind” not king.

  8. Josh says:

    Dendan, if that is your real name, maybe I was searching for a burger place that would be kinder to me? Or something kind of like a burger? Regardless, I have fixed the link.