Advertising Is Easy

I had a meeting today with our creative services team and as a part of it they had a creativity exercise where we had to rip a magazine ad out and then try to come up with a better one. Though my job is website user interfaces and user research, I thought I would give advertising a shot and I am glad I did because I have found my true calling.
Picture 51

I ended up with an ad for VESIcare, a drug that helps people with overactive bladders. It is hard to beat their advertising, what with their little people made out of pipes and their talk about problems with “internal plumbing”, but I took a shot at it.

Mind you, this is just one of a dozen quick concepts I did, but this was clearly the winning concept.

“That crazy astronaut lady wore a diaper when she drove across the country to kill that other astronaut lady. How embarrassing! Next time she should use VESIcare.”

5 responses for Advertising Is Easy

  1. old prof says:

    You absolutly rule dude. this just cries out for a comment. something rich and hugely funny. I’m waiting.

  2. Joe says:

    I’ve always been annoyed by the tendency of certain departments at companies to try to “educate” everyone else about how hard their job is. Sales and Marketing seem to be the worse.

  3. ellie lou says:

    so good.

  4. shawn says:

    Josh! I laughed so hard I peed myself. Now I need VESIcare.

    For products like this one, I find the direct approach is always the best. All commercials for Depends should start out wiht the question, “Do you poop when you cough?” There! It’s out in the open. You need to wear adult diapers. No biggie!

  5. Susan M says:

    I wonder what the side effects are for a drug that controls bladder problems. I find myself really hoping one is diarhea. You just couldn’t beat that irony.