Tough Crowd

My 5 year old boy and I watched the NBA dunk contest highlights together and here is his take on the event:

“Why did that guy win? His dunk wasn’t that heroic!”

“What would be a ‘heroic’ dunk?”

“Like if he did flips or something in the air.”

So there you have it NBA, step it up.

3 responses for Tough Crowd

  1. Adriaan says:

    Man, your son’s harsh.

    I liked Howard’s dunk tho. Slapping a sticker on the board that high up is awesome.

  2. poweredbyapathy says:

    I’m with Reese. I did not, however, see the contest. Probably because it’s been a while since any kind of dunk seemed heroic (Like Carter dunking over that 7 footer in the Olympics)

  3. Susan M says:

    Maybe he’s been watching too much slamball: