Nice Timing

At 6pm last wednesday we were all terribly startled by alarms and flashing lights. We were debating running screaming when a coworker stopped us, “Hey, check your email!”

Look at the “Sent:” time. Brilliant.

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6 thoughts on “Nice Timing”

  1. In Josh’s defense, he has to use both Mac and PC at work. Being that he is a usability guy, he has to know how things work on both platforms.

    That being said, I occasionally catch him glancing fondly at the beige box under his desk. It gives me the chills.

  2. The fire alarm at our church went off during Sacrament Meeting last sunday. It was a wierd voice alarm that stated, very calmly mind you,”Attention, this is an emergency. Please go to the nearest exit”. Now what kind of “alarm” is that?!! I’d be much more inclined to quickly leave a building if someone said, “Get the **** out of here, or you will all burn alive!!!” Even as a test one would have the tendancy to hustle.

  3. Maybe they were just seeing who would go running out of the building. It reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where the Nuclear Power Plant held a fire drill and Homer prevented others from escaping so that he could be the first out …

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