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  1. Ben Read says:

    Hey Josh,

    I tried to send this message to joshpenrod@home.com, but it came back. Therefore, I am posting it here. just imagine that in the subject box was this: “I tell three lies in this e-mail (by stating this I absolve myself from all guilt associated with lying”

    Then it should make sense, here it is. Oh, and make sure I get a real e-mail address to write back to.

    Hey Josh,

    Oops, I mean, Bishop Penrod. I have been writing to incorrect e-mail addresses, so today, just for fun, I typed your name into google. Wouldn’t you know it, I found your e-mail address. You may be thinking that this is one of the lies referred to in the subject box of this message, but I can prove it is true. What came up were two e- mails that you had written to w3c (or something) in which you scolded the afore-mentioned institution for catering to corporate interests. Is this true? If so, then what I say can by definition not be a lie. But I will let you in on a little secret, I have told one lie already, and that is the one about having written to incorrect e-mail addresses, because I haven’t tried to write you at all. I was going to call, but you weren’t home. Lisa tried calling when I was at school and talked to Adrian[-ienne? I don’t remember(don’t tell her that I revealed that to you)]. You’ll have to use your secret powers of discernment to figure out what else is (or isn’t) true. So, I am at the Georgetown. It is Catholic. There are Catholics walking around all over campus. I am a RA for a German Economics professor by the name of Holger Wolf. He is really nice, but I am trying to persuade him to only speak German to me because I have no idea what he is saying when he speaks English (a condition resulting from the fact that he is a foreigner, an economist, and was schooled at MIT). I also work for the German Marshall Fund of the United States (www.gmfus.org). This is basically an organization geared at keeping the richest states of the transatlantic the richest states of the transatlantic. It is an internship, so they only pay me nine bucks an hour, but I get free rich people food just about every day. Anyway, not that this has anything to do with anything, but since I am talking about it, they are bringing a bunch of European political and economic scholar/researcher/leaders out to Salt Lake sometime in the future and asked if I knew any people that lived outside of the SLC “city environment” that they could contact about hosting people. If you get a house, I will tell them to contact you. Otherwise, what they also want to do is take these people to research U.S. city and state level governments, but also to take them out on farms and ranches to get a sort of “western” experience. If you know anyone in local politics, or that owns farmland and will put on a show for Europeans, let me know. Lisa is going to have another kid. Can you believe it. Next month. I will be even poorer. I think it will be nice though. I will send pictures. Reese’s birthday is coming up, isn’t it? We will have to try and send some sort of gift. [voice from background (Lisa’s): Die haben dem Eli nichts geschenkt!] [My voice: What’s that, honey? They didn’t give the Eli anything? Well, Josh didn’t have a job back then.] [similar voice from background (also Lisa’s): Ach ja, stimmt’s. Iss’ egal!] So, a one-year old kid. You should have a party. So, you guys should move out here. Cast aside your financial worries and become a student again. You can fake like you make enough money for another couple of years. Well, maybe you do make enough money already. In that case, it is only I who am deceiving myself. Well, write me something back.

    See you,

    Benjamin Read (father of TWO!)

  2. Satirical Gangsta says:

    These pictures don’t prove you went to Denver. All they prove is that Josh is pretty good with fake facial hair!

  3. everyone in the world says:

    Wow, Denver sure is rad! We all wish we lived there!