Technical Harassment

I was telling some coworkers about my experience talking with one of the software engineers. He is a great guy, but after a few minutes he began using less words than acronyms, and showing me code that i couldn’t comprehend.

Duane (who if he wasn’t so lazy might have a website I could link to) exclaimed, “He showed you source code you didn’t want to see!? That’s technical harassment! He can’t talk to you in acronyms.You should go talk to HR right now. You’ve been technically harassed.”

Finally, some recourse we can take after talking to engineers. I am sure it would only take a few of them getting fired for technical harassment before word would spread and engineers would start using full words again, and saving the un-compiled source code for each other.

I can already see the commericals. Sleazy tv lawyers saying, “If you have been technically harassed, don’t just sit there, do something about it! Call the lawfirm of Brown and Brown!”

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2 thoughts on “Technical Harassment”

  1. Oh, I can just see it now… Creepy boss: Hey Brenda, that code you just sent me sure was hot, I was hoping I could show you some of my hot PHP action later tonight, and if all goes well, I can take you to parts of MySQL and XHTML you’ve never seen. Brenda: Stop! Thats Technical Harrasment, and I don’t have to take it! Lawyer Voiceover takes control….

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