Summer Goth

The other day it was about 80 degrees and I drove past a sweaty young goth clomping down the street in boots and a heavy cape. Seeing his pain, I came up with a solution for heat-opressed goths everywhere.

I am going to make a killing marketing summer gear for goths.

Light-weight capes, black shorts, spf2000 sunscreen… the possibilities are endless.

Since my goth/underground/industrial experience is limited i need your help in expanding my product line. Leave your suggestions below, and help the vampires walk in the sun!

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12 thoughts on “Summer Goth”

  1. you could make light flowy sundresses (black cotton of course) with accents of white/red/black lace to keep the old school victorian look. also, in stead of clunking around in boots you could wear delicate sandals consisting of black laces and pointed heels. not to mention, simple black tank tops with creepy band logos and pictures would tickle the fancy of any goth i know during the summer months. (i.e… bauhaus, sisters of mercy, joy division, cradle of filth, children of bodom, etc.)

  2. We need a sunblock that is Super strong, and can be worn UNDER makeup… Most sunscreens are greasy, and mess up makeup aplication. Thus makeing a greasy, shiny and caky seperated look.

    ANd also..we need super pale,and white powder that has sunscreen already in it…but not that hokey spf 8 ,12,15….I am talking about 50+ protection.

  3. i hate summer i agree we need to blow up the sun because sunlight sucks,it hurts god damnit!

  4. I love this idea – melting make-up is always a problem, as is the climatic stress of wearing the colour black in the summer, and having a wardrobe comprised primarily of long gowns and layers, velvet, and heavy boots. My number one concern this summer is for the colour of my skin to stay exactly the same. I want a sunblock that is not greasey, not outrageously expensive, that can have make-up applied on top, and that allows skin to be shown without the slightest chance of a burn or tan, not even gradually. If you can find a way to make a sunscreen that blocks the sun utterly and totally without clogging pores, consider yourself set.

  5. Oh man, that idea about the complete sunblock is the best!!! Hurry up and do that cos you’ll be successful very soon

  6. This is an excellent idea! Parasols would be perfect. Victorian-style lace-up boots made out of some strong mesh fabric would be cool. Maybe make some clothes out of the high-tech athletic fabrics that wick moisture. Good luck! Great idea!

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