Swivel Straight Christmas Tree Stand with Reservoir

The single greatest Christmas tree stand ever made. First off, I didn’t pay $79.95 for mine, you can find the model w/o the reservoir for about $40 if you look around. But, if I could only find the $80 version, I would still buy it! Every Christmas used to start off with me under the … Continue reading Swivel Straight Christmas Tree Stand with Reservoir

The Hammer of Spinal Repair

Caution–lest you think that Josh has suddenly, annoyingly taken to speaking in the third person–this post is written by Josh’s wife, Adrienne, since Josh is not fit to write. Yesterday Josh had back surgery. Don’t bother with writing us any advice about that now, it’s done! And it went well. He really had exhausted every … Continue reading The Hammer of Spinal Repair

Highlights from a quick vacation

Holding my entire family, Adrienne, Reese, and Anna, in my arms (With some help from the swimming pool, but mostly with my mind-boggling strength). Playing in the outdoor section of the indoor/outdoor swimming pool with Reese. Feeling the crisp air on any skin that wasn’t covered by water. Seeing Reese’s blue eyes and enormous grin … Continue reading Highlights from a quick vacation


Playfully singing along to Wilco, and singing at Adrienne, “I am trying to break your heart…” Reese (3 years old) overheard: “Why are you trying to break mommy’s heart?” “I don’t even try Reese. I just have that effect on women. I walk into a room and they swoon.” “…and then they just hit you?” … Continue reading Burn!

Chicks Dig Mustaches

The longest I have ever gone without shaving is one month. Last month to be exact. All that hair growing took some serious effort, so I wasn’t about to just shave it all off without a second thought. I used the age-old technique of shaving-in-bizarre-facial-hair-stages. click to see the silly animation I was particularly pleased … Continue reading Chicks Dig Mustaches