Onward, Brave Cosmonaut!


I went to the dentist this morning to replace an old filling that had gotten sensitive and was driving me crazy. They offered me laughing gas and, not feeling excited about drilling out the old filling, I readily agreed.

A few years ago we had tried laughing gas and it just did nothing for me, so they turned it all the way up this time. I started noticing some effects, but nothing dramatic. Here’s what went through my head,

I mean, I can feel it a little bit, but is it really working? What is it supposed to really feel like? Like, am I feeling that it is starting to work but it’s supposed to be way stronger and when he starts drilling I’m going to wish I had been breathing more deeply? OK, I’m going to take super deep breaths!

Now I can feel it! Hmmm… this is making me super high. Maybe that’s too much and I shouldn’t be breathing sooo deeply?

No, you can’t quit. Onward, brave Cosmonaut!

And that’s how I knew the laughing gas was working just fine…