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  • Software Usability – The “Harry Potter” Solution

    "The idea was inspired by an article I read in the Harvard Business Review…dubbed “Harry Potter marketing” (for the well-known fictional character who ages with his readers), the authors contend that… Rather than targeting a certain age group, either implicitly or explicitly, with each of their brands — and then attempting to transition their customers from one brand to the next as they age — the article suggests marketing the same product to the same customers throughout their entire lifetimes, and evolving the product along with that customer segment. So a given face cream, say, might originally be formulated for women in their twenties, and its formulation changed gradually over the decades so that those same women could continue to use it their whole lives. Meanwhile, a new brand would be launched a decade later for the next generation of twenty-somethings, which would grow up with that brand…


    French documentary recreates Stanley Milgram experiment and has game show contestants shocking a contestant (actor) when he gets questions wrong. 80% of participants kept "shocking" the actor even when he screamed out for them to stop.

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Why Customers Will Pay You to Restrain Them | Fast Company

Milkman has found a similar pattern in the purchases of people who buy groceries online. When people are purchasing for next-day delivery, they order many more want foods than when they’re ordering for a more-distant delivery date. We are salad people in the future and Cheetos people in the moment.

via Why Customers Will Pay You to Restrain Them | Fast Company.