The battle continues.

Anna got upset because she got in trouble for arguing with Reese and wrote “This house stinks!” on her magna-doodle (Spelled like this, “THS HAOS STNKS!”). This infuriated Reese, “That is false! This is an awesome house!”

I stepped in and said, “Reese, just leave her alone. She can write whatever she wants.” Without missing a beat Reese yells, “That’s right! That’s what makes this such an awesome house. We have the freedom to write whatever we want to write Anna!”

Later we found this note Reese had left for Anna:


American Monkeys

  • Anna: “Reese, you aren’t playing nice. Your monkeys won't do what my Hello Kitties say!”
  • Reese: “That’s because my monkeys are from an American jungle. They have freedom.”
  • Anna: “I don’t want them to have freedom. I want them to do what I tell them to do!”

The Family Business

Reese listened in as I ran a remote usability test today. He sat on my lap and put in one of my earphones.

It made me feel like a shoemaker or something teaching my son the trade. Unfortunately, I don’t think he wants to take on the family business so if movies and books are to be trusted I will need to guilt trip him about letting me down until he earns my love by becoming a User Experience Designer.