The Family Business

Reese listened in as I ran a remote usability test today. He sat on my lap and put in one of my earphones.

It made me feel like a shoemaker or something teaching my son the trade. Unfortunately, I don’t think he wants to take on the family business so if movies and books are to be trusted I will need to guilt trip him about letting me down until he earns my love by becoming a User Experience Designer.

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One thought on “The Family Business”

  1. I think you’ve caused too much damage already! He’s going to be scarred for life :) Besides, he’s going to be an engineer or something I can already see it.

    Even though you closed comments on earlier posts I’m going to comment anyways. I’ve been to that place in Germany you mentioned, Vauban,(pronounced “Fo-bon”), near where I studied in Freiburg. I recognized it right away, although I thought Vauban was just a bunch of dorms/apartments, not a suburb. Some of us in the institute lived there and some of us lived in town. Freiburg in general is a very bike-friendly town. We used to joke how cyclists took over the road following whatever street laws were convenient to them. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! ;)

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