I Am Very Much Offended by Dennis Pryor

We are casually looking at homes out here in Washington, and I keep stumbling on fairly modest homes that have a second kitchen. I don’t want this at all and am shocked they are so common. I keep thinking that I can’t be alone in this and that second kitchens must be a bit of a liability in selling a home. In searching for information along those lines I found this Wall Street Journal Article that really helped me understand why I might need a second kitchen after all.

“Others like the fact that having a commercial kitchen minimizes their contact with food preparation. “We’re very much offended by cooking smells,” says real-estate investor Dennis Pryor*, who will have a catering kitchen in his 38,000-square-foot home under construction in Goochland County, Va.”

“Multiple kitchens have more quotidian purposes too, some say. “It’s a great convenience if you’re ill, for example,” says Colin Cowie, head of the event-planning, catering and design company Colin Cowie Lifestyle. “If you want an ice pack or Evian, it’s right there.” And having a kitchen close at hand means never having to stumble down a dark, sweeping staircase when you’re craving a glass of milk. “You have the ability to alarm the rest of the house,” says Mr. Cowie, “and remain in an isolated capsule.”

“Consider the mobile kitchen that will be installed in the house that developer Steven Skilkin is building for himself in Columbus, Ohio. The 10,000-square-foot house has multiple levels, and “he wanted a design where the kitchen comes to you,” says his architect, Bart Prince. “So we came up with an 8-by-10 section of the main kitchen — an arc-shaped segment with cabinets, counter top, refrigerator, and a microwave — that can travel to each floor like an elevator. It sounds a little extravagant, but if he wants that turkey leg he left in the refrigerator last night, he can just press a button.”

via One Kitchen Isn’t Enough: Some Homeowners Go for Seconds – WSJ.com.

*It’s important to note that Dennis Pryor has more than enough money to have me killed, so I probably don’t mean any disrespect by this.