Vehicle Theft Suspect Arrested! | Orem Department of Public Safety

I hate this guy! Quit ruining my name jerk!

Yesterday, we had a stolen Expedition seen at FYE. The driver was identied as, Josh Penrod. He fled the area before we could get there.

About two hours ago, Officer Savage was driving through an apartment complex parking lot when he saw a white Expedition that was backed into a stall. He checked the plate and found that it was stolen out of So. SL. Josh was asleep in the back seat. He was arrested and taken to the County Jail.

Great job Officer Savage!

Vehicle Theft Suspect Arrested! | Orem Department of Public Safety.

I live in Yellowstone!

I woke up this morning and saw these two out my bedroom window. Their breath was visible in the cold air as they faced each other. They never really fully charged, more they just got closer and closer like a dumb jr. high chest bumping fight until they finally started clashing.

I accidentally zoomed as I took a pic and ended up with this.

Bucks Fighting

*I don’t actually live in Yellowstone

Amazing Kim Jong Il Legends

The Korean people, including the servicepersons, deeply revere leader Kim Jong Il, eulogizing him as the savior of their destiny in many legends. The legends, spread among them through articles, poems and songs, are all based on what happened during Kim Jong Il’s Songun leadership. Witnessing a stream of people carrying compost to fields in the face of a snowstorm, he, though very busy with his on-site guidance tour of the northern area, had his car driven slowly, deeply moved by them devotedly working for grain output in difficult conditions. via . Korean Central News Agency

What a touching story. Kim Jong Il saw the peasants in hard labor in a snowstorm and had his driver go a little slower so he could watch them! Of course they have written legends about their Dear Leader.

Vampire Vineyards

I found this in our fridge. Our 9 year old decided the regular apple juice wasn’t interesting enough and dyed it red with food coloring and made a custom label for it.

[Front] Blood Since 2000 B.C. Vampire Vineyards Made in Transylvania [Back] Since 2,000 b.c our vampires have plucked the juiciest humans, smashed them into polp. What you suck now was made with 2,000 years of hard work. Vampire Vineyards also serves chicken blood, human drumsticks, brains (a favorite of our fellow zombies), and human spirits (liquidized). “Vell, vat tastes vood!” – Dracula “Their brains…are…the…best…” – Zombie of George Washington “Grunt, sniffle, ROAR!” – the Wolfman

He’s nine. I’m giving you notice “creatives”. You have about 15 years to enjoy your careers before this kid makes you look like you have two left brains.



Climbing to the top of a radio tower

Sorry, the video got pulled :(

The footage of the climb came from a friend of mine that does this type of work, I have know him for several years and he has helped me many times in the past. Recently he gave me this video he shot on one of his jobs. I showed him the edited video and he approved it and I put it up on TheOnLineEngineer.Org and You Tube over the weekend. On Monday he was getting calls from colleagues telling him that they were concerned about what the video showed. His world is a very small one, and you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you! Some facility owners are pretty uptight about liability and such and may not hire him if they think he does not take safety seriously.

I spent most of this movie clip wiping my hands on my pants and thinking, “Clip in, you @(#*&$! CLIP IN!!!”

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