The Grass *Is* Greener

Reesie and Daddy mowing lawn

Summer seems to have arrived.

My little boy watches out the window as I mow the lawn yelling, “Daddy, Daddy, non newew!”(that somehow means lawnmower).

So we bought him a toy lawnmower. When I got back from work we “mowed the lawn” (My lawnmower was off, so no parenting advice thanks).

Adrienne and I took some photos and I used the “Dooce/Blurbomat Method” to make them ‘dreamy'(as in dream-like, not 1950’s girl-talk for cool).

I am normally a little uncomfortable manipulating photos in Photoshop in ways I couldn’t do in the darkroom. I guess I worry that it is somehow “cheating”.

This arbitrary line really only leaves me dodging, burning, cropping (I almost never crop for some reason), and upping the saturation a little bit. Since I can’t defend this former photographic position in any way I am going to get a little more experimental I think.

If you know how to do this in the darkroom please tell me.

Reesie and Daddy mowing lawn