Remembering September 11th

Remembering September 11th – The Big Picture –

I was in California visiting my parents. My Mom, who has amnesia and is not a reliable news source, called out to me to come watch the TV, someone had just bombed the World Trade Center. I told her it happened a long time ago and they were just talking about it on the news again or something. She said, “No, this is live. An airplane flew into it.” It took me watching TV for a few minutes before I could process what happened.

I drove back to Utah that day. I remember how the freeway was deserted. I listened to the news on the radio for a while but had to turn it off. All the details were just too disturbing and I didn’t want to hear anymore. I drove in silence for hours.

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  1. I was getting my kids ready for school. I turned on the tv and thought I was seeing a trailer for a movie. It took me a minute to realize it was real and happening as I watched. I saw the second plane hit and couldn’t believe it. So hard to watch the coverage, but so hard not to. It just kept getting worse as the day went on.

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