Misleading marketing by French’s Mustard

mustard.jpg Glance at that bottle and you notice that French’s uses the familiar, “Now with x% more!” or “x% more free!” pattern on their bottle design.

Now read the actual label, “40% More than our 14 oz.” Oh, I see. The bigger bottle is bigger than the smaller bottle. Gee, thanks for that info French’s!

They are purposefully using that familiar design pattern to trick customers into thinking that they are getting a better deal by buying the bigger bottle. What complete jerks. Hey French’s, how did your marketing department find the time in their busy schedule of despising customers to do the math for us?

I was annoyed enough that I decided to write a letter to French’s to complain. What I would really like is for the marketing guy who came up with this to take credit for it and justify this jerk move. I clicked the link to leave a complaint and got this:

Contact French's1.png

Way to go French’s, you get my bad customer experience award this week! There are a lot bigger things to complain about, I know, but I hate to see these kind of lame moves by companies.

(Just to nitpick, isn’t 20 oz. actually 42.8% more than 14 oz.? When you aren’t actually giving the customer anything more you can afford to be generous in your math…)

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