6 thoughts on “Best Spam Subject Lines EVER”

  1. I’d be pleased with the snail surveyor–especially since Alphonse Venezuela, I mean Valenzuela, sent it.

  2. I would be afraid to click on the internet called “Dance of Love.” unless it was on this website.

    No I would still be afraid.

    Also what do they charge for shipping and handling for “explosives” or an “elephant baby”?

    Whatever it is – it’s probably worth it. While being charged $7.95 S&H for then to send you a 3 oz. razor blade that never gets dull (allow 4 to 6 weeks), is a total ripoff.

  3. “Bed Bible Sandpaper Database.” “Tapestry Insect Train Nail.” Hey, I can do it, too! Watch this: Aardvark Soliloquy Fart Mountain.

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