Tap tap tap… Anyone out there?

I have had a blog since sometime in early 2000 and I think since about April of 2002 I have posted at least _something_ every month, until late last year where I stopped writing. No big dramatic reason either. I somehow just stopped. Kind of the way I am with shaving, and the reason I end up with a beard every so often.

I think I may have just implied that I grow a beard when I stop writing… Since I don’t have a beard, it must be time to start writing again.

Now, a benefit of not having written anything in a few months–I have gotten rid of everyone but the true believers! OK, now that everyone else is gone, get out your Amishrobot secret decoder rings out.


> Beginning Transmission…


Knock yourselves out.*

(Nerds might call this post “meta blogging” and they would say it is the worst thing ever. I think people that say things like “meta blogging” are the worst thing ever.)

(Yes, that is a real secret code.)

*Hint: Columnar Transposition

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11 thoughts on “Tap tap tap… Anyone out there?”

  1. What? No prize?

    Well I’ll forgive the metablogging, but for only one reason: you didn’t apologize nor “promise to do better.” I think approximately 43% of all blog posts out there contain something along those lines.

  2. not to imply that I’m not a true believer, but I thought I’d mention that you’re also left with those that added you to their feed reader before you stopped blogging.

  3. You call that a post?!!

    That was the Amishrobot equivalent of “Site under construction”–which is, by the way, the answer to the secret code.

    Must I do everything around here?!!

  4. Not to go post-modern,
    but you are meta-blogging about meta-blogging.

    Well I may not be a true believer, I would feel confidant describing myself as amish robotics agnostic.

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