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  • preah kan elder (photo)

    “Ran into this woman at preah kan. Had to wait patiently while a large group of korean tourist lingered for what seemed like an eternity. All the time fearing of loosing the shot, but luckily she did not budge. I tried to be respectfull and ask her permission but she didn´t even acknowledge me.”

  • Sod Couch
    Grass Armchair
    I am totally going to make one of these!

  • Take Heart (Herz Fassen)

    “A bowl is filled with water. By taking hold of it by the handles, it becomes literally moved by the rhythm of your heart. Water becomes storage for discrete information and makes it visible. It starts pulsating with your heartbeat. When you touch the object with only one hand, the water stays calm. When holding both handles, the water starts vibrating. Your heartbeat is calculated through the handles’ measurement of your skin-resistance and then assigned to the water’s pulsation. The heartbeat is now stored and the water will ‘beat’ with this rhythm until the pulsation slowly abates. At the end the water is calm and discharged again, unless the bowl is touched by a new person to whom whose heartbeat it would set itself to. It then beats with another’s heart.”
    A video clip of the heart beat bowl in action

  • Hurra Torpedo
    Norwegian “band” that “plays” appliances.

    Total eclipse of the heart (“video”)
    This is incredibly bizarre and some of the bands’ pants don’t quite cover their backsides.

    Hurra’s first night in america
    Part of the Hurra Torpedo “Rockumentary”

    “Please don’t kill him… OK, kill him.”
  • Robot Dance (video)
    Reese, Anna and I did robot dances all night.

    Kraftwerk – The Robots
    I had to buy this song from itunes because Reese loved it so much

5 responses for You Might Also Enjoy

  1. Brian says:

    So you’ll probably be needing your weedwhacker back, right? Otherwise, how will you mow your chair?

  2. shawn says:

    “We are the Robots” I remeber that song! It was popular for about a month when I was 13 or 14.

    Those wacky Norweigans are the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Benjamin Read says:

    You can also catch the dancing robots in Beck’s video for “Hell Yes (One Shot)”. You can find it at on the “video” page. However, you will find that the clip you linked to is a little creepier (must be the Japanese synth music).

  4. John Remy says:

    Jana’s sitting next to me absorbed in the robots video on her laptop. I think she’s addicted to AmishRobot now. She neglects her graduate studies and sex for AR. Curse you and your powers of psychology!

    I was not expecting enticing bits of bottom in the Norwegians’ video. When they sang, “Turn around” I was expecting bright “eyes” and not a full lunar eclipsing of the heart.

    For my revenge, I’ve placed the following video link somewhere where Adrienne will run across it:

    Cows happier in Switzerland than in Spokane.

  5. ellie lou says:

    the robots link was misleading….i thot i was going to see videos of anna and reese robot dancing. post that!!