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Pit bulls are for pansies. More pics here, including a monkey wearing clothes.

  • Creative Home Engineering > Creative Home Engineering is a registered contracting company that adds value to homes by integrating silent, automated, hidden passageways.

Check out the videos section. I can’t tell you how badly I want secret passageways in my house!

Absolutely incredible photo of lantern “hot-air balloons”.

I think my doctor would recommend this as post-back surgery physical therapy.

6 responses for You Might Also Enjoy

  1. shawn says:


    That was Spiderman!

    That is exactly how I would have run around when I was 12 years old…if I had the same super powers as this kid.

  2. amelia says:

    there was an entire documentary type show on TLC last spring about kids like the ones in that video. i think they call it urban running and it started somewhere in France. you should watch it if you ever get the chance. it’s really crazy.

    and thanks for the links to the photos. they were fantastic.

  3. Benjamin Read says:

    You mean to tell me that prefab hidden doors start at just $1500?!! That is a steal! I am going to have to watch more HGTV to figure out how to bust an architecturally-stable hole in my wall to make room for one of those (based on the frequency of my landlord’s past visits, I am guessing he will never even notice, assuming I can extract the thing whenever I move).

  4. Brian says:

    Men of Kano: Serious gangstas p://

  5. Brian says:

    Russian climbing/jumping, maybe, but definitely French rap. Le Parkour should actually be spelled Le Parcours, and it means The Course.

  6. Brian says:

    We made lantern hot-air balloons like those once for a date activity. We used plastic bags, straws, strings and birthday candles. Well, we tried, anyway.