Awesome Spam Names

The following are fake names used in spam I have received. Well, Flavius Watsenbarger, my favorite one, actually was received by my friend Chris Willis.

Ridiculous fake spam name generating software, I salute you!

  • Flavius Watsenbarger
  • Gunshots Q. Aspirant
  • Serpents G. Tegucigalpa
  • Killing A. Fingernails
  • Shriven V. Hotheadedness
  • Poisons E. Familial
  • Rigoberto McMillan

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Spam Names”

  1. Josh, this is unrelated, but I thought you might appreciate: I do most of my surfing at work and now the hospital has taken to censor just about everything you look at, from email to religous sites. considered controversial* You should take heart to know that MIS has reviewed your web site and it is considered appropriate for public viewing. :0)

  2. Josh–you are on my brain wave! But for the names they come up with, I’d almost be tempted to read some spams. Who do they think I am–a dupe? Don’t answer that!!

    Another thing I think is funny about those name is many kind of sound…well…dirty, which cannot be a coincidence as half of these ads are for Viagra or Male Enhancement Surgery.

    Here are a few more that are currently in my spam file:

    Ruggero Babbitt Giuseppe Clise Grover Haller Buford Flyzik Silas Mangiaracina Wesley Neiderhiser–If this doesn’t sound dirty…I don’t know what dirty is. Jaime Nervis—What is she nervous about?? HMMMM! Kelsey Grammer–celebrity endorsement! Wilburn Flood Shana Duppstadt

  3. That is a great one!

    here are some more I have gotten since I posted this:

    Unicorns R. Stencilling Sphincter A. Humps Sweet P. Twenties Hicories A. Rectum

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