I’m Back. Get it?

It was a little risky to let Adrienne write a guest entry since it immediately becomes obvious that she is a much better writer than I am (She would never stoop to a pun for a title for example, and also does not rely on parenthetical asides every third sentence). I appreciated her documenting my drug-fueled idiocy. I also appreciate her NOT documenting my more general everyday idiocy.

So, surgery update, I feel really good. Really good. No more pain! Even the pain of having my back sliced open is really minor. They only thing left is occasional numbness in my left pinkie toe. If you had to choose one part of your body to be numb the left pinky toe is not a bad option. Now I just have to wait for the doc to give me the go-ahead to actually do stuff again (and force myself to not do stuff even though I feel great). I haven’t been able to go back to work and was just barely cleared to sit for more than 5 minutes at a time. The restrictions are annoying, but oh my gosh! NO PAIN! I walk a couple miles everyday for physical therapy and I grin the entire time. Just to walk without hurting is so amazing.

I feel like a man pardoned from death row. Like I have been seeing and feeling everything through a pain filter for so long that I had forgotten how beautiful and wonderful everything is. Are you vomiting yet? Too bad. I just got through the worst 6 months of my life. I reserve the right to gush for a while. In fact, the next one hundred entries will all consist of my writing “WOOHOO!” OK, that could get tedious, so I may break it up by writing a little bit about fluffy kitties, unicorns, and the magic of walking barefoot through grass.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts. To those of you I called, IMed, or harassed in any way (including calling you Dude over and over), thanks for putting up with my drugged rambling. If I said anything really embarrassing, and I totally know that I did, let’s just pretend I didn’t, OK?

I am now going to blog about the blog, so feel free to leave if you are offended by such things.

So, there should be some good things happening on Amishrobot pretty quickly. I am actually going to launch a new design. I have redesigned the site a dozen times and never used any of the designs, so wish me luck on this one. There will also be new sections, like product reviews, art collaborations with my brother Joe, more harassing letters to companies, maybe even some amishrobot t-shirts and such.

Until then, keep in touch, have a great summer, stay cool, it was awesome sitting next to you in Mr. Brown’s class, I can’t wait until Senior year, we will totally rule the school!

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7 thoughts on “I’m Back. Get it?”

  1. Welcome back, glad to hear everything went well, aside from the problem with that useless pinky toe. You might as well just chop that puppy off at this point. Wear it around your neck just to show everyone they should not mess with a man who could remove a cute pinky toe. Although, you probably have a freakish multijointed finger toe like me, which is just gross.

    So what the deal now, do you have a super back? Can you stretch across broken tracks to allow trains in peril to run across you? That would be nifty, as well as possibly lucrative.

    cue music: Superback man! He laughs at bending his knees before lifting! Superback man! His upright posture is am example to us all. Superback man! Don’t forget about his invulnerable pinky toe!

    Welcome back Superback.

  2. Heh heh! Yay for Josh. I am glad the surgery worked. I am just about to get a new son-in-law who happens to be 6’6″ tall. I have been reading with great interest your back saga and will keep it filed in the great filing cabinet I call a brain and keep it there until he begins to complain about back pain. Then it will be retrieved and you will get an email from him. Possibly.

    Put me down for the first Amish robot t shirt! You’re the funniest guy I read! Adrienne did a great job in your stead.

  3. From what I hear, the pinky toe is a very important appendage.

    Glad to hear that you are doing so well. Are you up to a trip? I just want to get stoned. You wanna get stoned? That would be cool.

    PS. I hope your parents don’t read this.


    SVHS Rocks!!

  4. Good to hear you are enjoying life at a new level. Sounds like the shakeup did you good. I had a major back re-alignment in highschool and I remember thinking ‘I never realized that i was enduring pain for so long’

    I look forward to the new design and art collaborations. I’d love to link to pictures in flickr etc.

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