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I have decided to occasionally post lists of links I have been reading lately, with the hope that others might enjoy them as well. I am usually linking to specific articles, and can’t make any guarantees about the rest of the content on any site.

  • New Halliburton waste alleged

    DeYoung produced documents detailing alleged waste even on routine services: $50,000 a month for soda, at $45 a case; $1 million a month to clean clothes — or $100 for each 15-pound bag of laundry.

    “That money could have been used to take care of soldiers,” she said.

    DeYoung also claims people were paid to do nothing. Mike West says he was one of them. Paid $82,000 a year to be a labor foreman in Iraq, West claims he never had any laborers to supervise. “They said just log 12 hours a day and walk around and look busy,” he said. “OK, so we did.”

  • Citizen Kubrick

    Stanley Kubrick’s films were landmark events – majestic, memorable and richly researched. But, as the years went by, the time between films grew longer and longer, and less and less was seen of the director. What on earth was he doing? Two years after his death, Jon Ronson was invited to the Kubrick estate and let loose among the fabled archive. He was looking for a solution to the mystery – this is what he found…


    Prefab Modernist homes available for purchase.

  • The big fat con story

    You can be just as healthy if you’re fat as you can if you’re slender. And don’t let the obesity ‘experts’ persuade you otherwise, argues Paul Campos

    A little bit too conspiracy theory for me, but certainly an interesting article.

  • Magnum Photos

    Two years after the apocalypse that was called the Second World War ended Magnum Photos was founded. The world’s most prestigious photographic agency was formed by four photographers – Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger, and David “Chim” Seymour – who had been very much scarred by that conflict and were motivated both by a sense of relief that the world had somehow survived and the curiosity to see what was still there.

13 responses for You Might Also Enjoy

  1. JUSTIN says:

    I really wish I had cool nickname to use when I made comments here. Maybe it is a lack of creativity. Maybe it is just pure laziness. Maybe it’s the fact that I fit into the “obese” category that I can’t get my lazy butt off the couch anymore. They throw around “obese” quite casually.

    I went to get a physical once before I was going to embarking on a long journey. The doctor told me that I was morbidly obese and that I would die. I was kind of taken back at that. I asked him how long I had. He said that I had plenty of time but he was telling me that to get my attention. Like I need a shot to the ticker like that and a reminder that I do in fact have fat on my body. He then was surprised that my blood pressure was still normal and the fact that I played three sports in high school. He then told me that I was an active fat person. I was the kind of fat kid that didn’t stay in the house and eat potato chips.

    I thanked him for his time and never went back to him. The funny thing was… He was a fat man. I laughed all the way to the Ice Cream shop.

  2. cooper says:

    I want the Halliburton standing around doing nothing job. $82,000 a year could make me real creative and I could blog all day! :-)

  3. dudley says:

    Standing around is terrible for a living.

    I worked on an oil rig once before in the gulf of MExico, 2 weeks on and 2 off. They offered anyone who wanted to come work an extra week on some rigs they were building in Louisiana. A few of us money hungries went out there, but it turned out that they didn’t know what to do with us once we got there. I ended up sitting on a bucket watching a welder sweep dust for hour upon hour. In the humid heat I would languish in some strange world of consciousness, to0 hot and inactive to be alert, yet too hot and uncomfortable to fall asleep. The minutes were hours, I was dieing for something to do. Once a ship came in and I ran to operate the crane, I was all ready when a manager came up and told me I wasn’t to leave the welder, as it is a fire hazard. I left and he took over the controls. I guess we both loved that thing.

    Justin, Your stories remind me of the unbelievable acne I had growing up. I would walk down the street and people would yell and scream. I caught the skin specialist I was seeing whisper discreetly to his nurse “dude check him out”…It finally healed over, and just as I was getting on with things I was stricken with explosive diarrhia…I can’t find another place on the net to post about it though so I think I’ll just post it here instead.

  4. JUSTIN says:

    Dudley, Sounds like your experience was as traumatizing as mine. At least he didn’t call the nurse over to check you out during the cough test. Quiet snickering can really harm a child’s self-esteem. Note to every kid at Parkview Elementary School: I didn’t chose to be fat and yes I can see my feet.

    When I was younger. I was probably five or six my brother and his friend decided to attack me and stick a bicycle pump in my rear and pump me up. I blamed my size on that for years. It also explained why I was still so active for being so misshapen. It was just air right. I think I was twenty-one when I realized that this was not the case and when the story surface at a family gathering, to my dismay, I was told the pump was never actually inserted into my rear depot and it was impossible for this to happen. I guess I had no more excuses. My brother still enjoyed the fact that they attacked me and caused so many traumas…and he was a Psyche major in college.

  5. martin says:

    Who made Haliburton – or any oil company for that matter – the new Nazi’s. Not to excuse thier poor management, but it seems that if any oil company makes a profit then they are esteemed to be psudo Bond-villians. Would you be more disappointed if Reese grew up and worked for Chevron exploring for oil – or if he worked for Anhieser Busch? Do oil they always deserve the contempt they get?

    On a seperate note Josh, you need to buy this land near Delta, and build a Glide house on it.

    Of course there are lots of places in California too, but you seem pretty attached to Utah.

  6. josh says:

    They made themselves the new nazis. “They said just log 12 hours a day and walk around and look busy,”

    It has nothing to do with being an oil company, at least as far as I am concerned. If they were a hot dog company and did business like that they would be the Nazi hotdog company.

  7. martin says:

    Did you notice the lack of proofreading in my previous post. I agree that Haliburton deserves your scorn for thier poor management in this case. I was just commenting that it seems that ANY oil company is regarded by the media as the corporate embodyment of the anti-christ (if they believed in such a thing). And you didn’t answer my question – Which is more evil: Budweiser or Royal Dutch Shell?

  8. josh says:

    I was so pleased with my Nazi hotdog company reference that I was rendered unable to answer any additional questions.

    Who knows who is more evil? Maybe one day I will attempt to make a ranked list of evil corporations, but imagine one lifetime isn’t long enough to attempt it. I think there is a big difference between mismanagement, and systematic fraud and overcharging, which seems to be the case with Haliburton (from now on knows as the Nazi Hotdog Company)

    By the way, that is one cheap peice of land!

    Ahh that explains it, it is in Delta (No offence Adam). I am not particularly attached to UT by the way. We could easily end up in California again some day (or Chicago, or Boston, or Seattle for that matter).

  9. Rob says:

    I’ll start the list:

    1. DeBeers

    Ok you can tackle it from here..

  10. martin says:
    1. Phillip Morris
  11. JUSTIN says:


    Does that count?

    If not… all credit card companies.

  12. dave says:

    Any company that uses monkeys or cute baby animals in their TV commercials is exempt from the list of evil because that stuff makes practically everyone happy (except for Marilyn Manson–who I heard choked on his own vomit once after seeing baby monkeys in diapers playing ping pong on a tv commercial).

  13. cris says:

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