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Now, Al Jazeera, I am not an expert on constructing unbiased surveys, but aren’t “cold-blooded murder” and “justified” mutually exclusive?

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Also, unless you want to be lumped in with the Weekly World News, maybe you shouldn’t have Conspiracy Theories be one of main links on your homepage?

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12 thoughts on “Fair & Balanced”

  1. Idea for another Al-Jazeera survey question:

    “Is the defense of Palestine from horrible Zionist, Pizza Eating, Jews by fun-lovin’ suicide bombers justified?”

    I’ve often wondered if we could justify taking over that network–heck, seeing as they are in constant contact with Osama…

  2. Here’s one:

    Does the filthy lucre and greed mongering of America justify their attempts at hostile control of peace loving countries.

  3. Just a subtle policy reminder:

    “Please keep comments somewhat on-topic. Trolling and personal attacks are discouraged, unless hilarious, and may be deleted.”

  4. Indefensible personal attacks are a way of capturing the spirit of the Middle east – where bald-faced-lying and exaggerated personal emotional statements are what they think passes for a convincing argument. Any “facts” they cite are never as universally accepted as they would have you believe. * notice the use of the non-descript “they” in labeling those with who I disagree. This places this in the position of being distrusted as outsiders with irrational opinons, and thus they are unable to respond in defence.

  5. Aljazeera.com is fun! Let’s talk, Dr. Kareem! Mr. Lucky Best-Wash! Why not? Now I wonder how stupid we must sound when we try to translate our ideas and expressions into other languages/cultures. Hmmmm… Why was the Chevy Nova such a flop in hispanic countries? You will be awarded a cake!

  6. I should clarify my earlier comment as taking the hypothetical position of one working for Al Jazeera, not as my own true opinions. The irony thus poking fun at the irrationality of the language that we seem to get through the press.

    But in case you were just really wondering, no, empty space does not hurt me in my head, in fact, it feels like, well, empty space. I suppose you need to quantify “empty space” being figurative or literal–like if its empty space with poisonous gas.

  7. Hmmm…I used to have a higher opinion of al-Jazeera. May have to recalibrate. And they’re actually kind of balanced compared to some of other news sources in the Arab world. Scary.

    My kids and I look forward to standing in grocery lines, cause that’s when we pick up the WWN and read the ongoing chronicles of Bat Boy (last I heard he was helping to track down Sadaam Hussein), Sumo Baby, and the aliens in the Senate (Orrin Hatch ‘fessed up, and I think Al Gore was one, too, though I always thought he was an android instead of an alien).

  8. It is an interesting question, if there really was emptiness, or “empty space” in one’s head, would he/she have the emotional capacity to feel it? Truly, we have entered a cirular discussion that begs to be answered. If Empty Space was hurtful, is the question, and can people of absolutly no intelligence experience pain. As I experience pain, my head is not full of empty space. Logic is so fun. (I don’t think anyone’s reading this thread anymore though so I hope my ingenious little post isn’t wasted.)

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