4:20 a.m.

This morning I woke up early and got ready for work. Adrienne was still asleep when I went back to our room to kiss her goodbye. As I bent over to kiss her I saw this transcript of my sleep-talking last night.

5/19 4:20a.m.
“Josh, what did you say?”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure that what I have said has nothing to do with what they will write.”

I wonder what I was being interviewed for and what bad sleep interview experience I have had that has left me so cynical.

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4 thoughts on “4:20 a.m.”

  1. As I hit save on this post I heard Reese making noise in his crib. I went in to see what was going on, and there he was, sound asleep on his back flapping his arms and saying, “I fly! I fly!”

    I have never seen anything that cute ever. EVER!

  2. I have a confession to make. That was me interviewing you in the dream. I needed some information about survival in the Andes mountains, but you just kept going on and on about sports and how you wonder why no one talks to you about sports anymore. You just kept spewing out stats and obscure trivia answers, and you kept reminding me that you were very tall, even after the knee surgery. I think it was obvious, as you have noted, that I wasn’t going to use any of that stuff. Sorry if you were offended. I don’t know what Reese thinks can make him fly, maybe he is just beginning to discover his inherited extraordinary athletic capabilities.

  3. I very much enjoyed your site. Reese is so adorable and you have a beautiful family. I’ll be back, you can count on it.

    By the way, I used to talk to my sister in her sleep all the time. But then again, I talk in my sleep too. Ah the weaknesses.

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