Don’t Bother Me, I’m Retching

Dear Carl’s Jr,
2 steps to success:

  1. Bring back those old crinkly fries.
  2. Fire Satan, who you have obviously hired to do your advertising. Your commercials have destroyed any desire I ever had to eat your food.

Josh Penrod

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Bother Me, I’m Retching”

  1. Seriously, how did they decide to get rid of those fries? “What isour most popular item, the one people most associate with Carl’s Jr.? The fries? Ditch ’em!”

  2. and please bring back the square catchup containers too — they are the yin to the crinkly fires yang.

    Also I would really love to see some marketing/sales figures for pre-stupid, annoying commercials and post-stupid, annoying commercials.

  3. I forgot about the square ketchup containers!

    Maybe that is what happened to Carl’s. They changed to those stupid pouches and their chi stopped flowing.

  4. All I knows is that one time, I think they may have been advertising a chili burger, or something equally foul– whatever it was — it was clearly diarrhea on a bun.

    Squishing out between his teeth, and yea, verily, getting all over the place, as it surely belonged in his face. EUYEHHERSDGGSAA.BWAH!

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