Bishop Allen

I stumbled on this band, Bishop Allen, and I love them. They have an album out, Charm School, and you can download several MP3s on thier site.Here are some sample lyrics for you:

And I tell you over and over and over again, my friend
That I’m down with you, even on the eve of destruction
And if this moment is gone in a flash
And my hand in yours becomes ash in ash
And everyone becomes just dust in the blast
At least this day will be our last
Maybe St. Peter won’t let us in
Saying heaven’s a place for the innocent
And we’ll have a dance, yeah a dance, on the head of a pin
And God will grin and shoo us away

Go buy Bishop Allen’s Charm School, you will love it.

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7 thoughts on “Bishop Allen”

  1. I was afraid
    Afraid of the emptiness
    Afraid of the silence
    Afraid of my ghosts
    Now they’re here
    We can share laughter
    Talk about old times
    It’s not so bad

  2. They are most decidely my favorites.

    And just like me
    You be whatever you want to be
    And see what ever you think you see
    And take whatever you like for free

    Rudder and Rice are my heroes

  3. New favorite band. Randomly heard them on NPR, now I can’t get enough. Go to their site, download their songs,buy their CD. Share with your friends. They’ll still buy the CD.

  4. I also heard them randomly on NPR and can’t get enough!!! I cant’ wait until they come to my town…they are the best.

  5. i stumbled across bishop allen through eDonkey. after listening to the 4 or so mp3s off the site for a few days i ordered the cd and now i can’t get enough of it. i emailed christian a while back and he replied this last weekend. i tell you guys you should read what christian has done at in the science section and also watch justin’s documentary about bob dylan at can’t wait to see them in january and february.. -brian

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