I am really starting to think my next computer will be a Mac. I have used Macs and PCs both pretty equally over the past few years, but I never really thought of buying one until recently. The release of Jaguar, and a couple of experiences over the past 2 days have started to sway me.

1st: My brother and sister-in-law came for a visit and brought their iBook. It was absolutely beautiful. It would be a delight to use just because you would get to look at it. If it didn’t have such crappy resolution I think I would buy one (But what is up with the low resolution? 1024×768–Please! I want 1600×1200).

2nd: I used Quicktime Broadcaster. I am doing usability testing at work, and I am broadcasting the sessions live so that Product Managers can watch and take notes as well. It took about 3 minutes to be streaming multiple live video feeds.

3rd: Today a coworker walked over and said, “Oh, I didn’t know they set you up with two computers…”. I only have one computer. I was confused until I realized the “other computer” he was looking at was my biege trash can!

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4 thoughts on “Mac”

  1. if god uses a computer, i believe that he would use the titanium powerbook g4. in fact, an alternative reading of d&c 130:9 replaces “crystal” with “titanium”.

  2. maybe then i will be able to be your friend. until now i have been merely pretending. just imagine coming over to my house with your powerbook and having instant wireless networking with OS 10.2. . . we could swap files to our hearts’ content.

  3. You guys are clearly forgetting to take in to account multiplayer/online gaming — until Apple can get serious and have more game developed for mac/pc they are doomed!

  4. How dare you insult the resolution of my computer! You must have poor vision, I assure you there is no flaw in the Ibook! Have you seen it sleep? It’s little white heart pulsing in the dark. Sometimes I have to pet it. When i do, it “coos” like a dove. Or maybe I do, I’m not sure.

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