Must…focus… rage!

I am concentrating so hard, but the servers of haven’t burst into flame yet.

I am sure you have heard of, every time you mistype a url, there they are. Their misanthropic superhero flexing at you, taunting you. A pseudo-portal that has never had a single link clicked.

Realizing your mistake you navigate away from the demon portal only to be assailed by pop-up windows, and ever-so-polite dialogue boxes asking if you would like to install this free-software that will sell your soul to the devil as you surf.


Maybe if we all focus our hatred at once it will work.




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13 thoughts on “Must…focus… rage!”

  1. I hate netster every time I try to type in a rp site it comes up.I had just been there and accidently pressed the x and guess what tried to go back.It came up so I know it pops up for no damn reason.

  2. sometime even if the web address exists… i find netster… no mistyping or anything. I dont know why but it happened more than once… after a while the real website starts appearing again.

  3. Netster takes over my home page even when you say you don’t want it. It will not allow you to get to your own homepage. If you complain they tell you that it is doing it’s job. My wish is that they would go away. May be we should refuse to do bussiness with those who sponsor them.

  4. Netster has taken up residence on my screen with it’s unwanted search bar. It foils every attempt to remove it. It will freeze a DOS prompt screen, will not allow a delete, a rename, or even to access its properties with a right click. If you do an msconfig “run” command and uncheck their entry, it rechecks itself when you boot up.

    Anyone know how to get rid of those assholes?

  5. Netster has completely destroyed my web surfing experience. It pops up whether the URL is misstyped or typed correctly. It also will repeatedly convert a page I am currently on to their stupid search engine, which I will NEVER use. Please help with any information on getting this stupid thing off my computer.

  6. I was trying to do some research online when Netster came up I have never seen the websight before and NEVER downloaded it onto my computer. Now I can not go ANYWHERE because this site seems to think it is invaluable when it is a gigantic PAIN. I need to know how to permanantly remove this SOON

  7. can we get a class action against netster…do not use their advertisers and possibly shoot their asses with a 12 gauge…..

  8. can we get a class action against netster…do not use their advertisers and possibly shoot their asses with a 12 gauge…..

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