Salsa of Death

The devil himself posted this recipe for Chevy’s Salsa!

We grew jalapenos and tomatoes in our garden this year. I was looking forward to making my own salsa, which I had done with great success last year. This year I tried out the aformentioned satanic recipe. My ears are ringing and I am still sweating. I LIKE hot food. But this was so hot it could no longer be called food. Paint remover, chemical warfare agent, magma–yes. Food? No!

Now diluted to half-strength, it has a great flavor and only makes you cry a little after each bite.

Here is a version of the recipe

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3 thoughts on “Salsa of Death”

  1. As of last winter I have fallen in love with hot food. The problem with this is that I have also spent this summer in a home where hot food is avoided like the plague. Luckily my emloyer sometimes eats at hot-food places, and I tag along. There is one that is particularly good. I have become amused by the fact that every time we eat there I stock up on their salsa, which means that I carry those little plastic cups home with me. I think there are four or more cups in our refrigerator now. I will have to try that recipe. It may be relegated to the “Not Food” section of the refrigerator, but I will know what it really is.

  2. The hottest part of the pepper is the seed, followed by the white inner ribs. If you use the above recipe and scoop out the seeds and ribs you get a less spicy version but maintain the jalapeno taste.

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